Soaring Eagle Eyes Flight Policy

Being that the FAA is still sorting out the details we are approaching the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) challenge by operating what we believe sets an example of how a responsible Aerial Videography company can operate.

With safety and privacy in mind Soaring Eagle Eyes, Inc. is implementing it’s own policy to ensure a safe and responsible approach to the UAV business. ​When the FAA delivers it’s policies we’ll adjust our policies & procedures to comply.  In the mean time we will be implementing our flight policies described below until instructed otherwise.

Key Points of our Policy:

  • We operate aircrafts that weigh less than 5 pounds.   
  • We use Propeller Guards to offer additional safety.
  • ​Our UAV’s specified flight times are 23 to 25 minutes.  To add a margin of safety we limit airborne activity to 15 minutes or less per battery. 
  • To avoid collisions with manned aircrafts, our UAV’s are equipped with a GPS along with software that limits the altitude to a safe level of 400 feet or less.
  • If there is an incident we are covered by $1,000,000 Liability policy by Starr Aviation.

​We are Sincere in our effort to be Safe and Respectful with this Technology.

Thank you for reading our flight policy.

With Respect,
Soaring Eagle Eyes