Faith S.


“Absolutely, out bloody standing!  OMG!  Diane loved them as well.  Option 2 with your sepia toning of all your still shots was extremely moving.  Some of the shots, I swear, looked as though Mathew Brady took them 153 years ago! And the music!  Perfect for stirring the soul.  I felt as though my ancestors were standing behind me as I watched; and, turning to look at them (if I could have), I'm sure they would have had tears in their eyes as well.  You definitely have a true gift, my friend.  I can't possibly form the right words to compliment this work adequately enough.  I am stunned.”

Randy H.

Looks great! Sounds great! Thank you both.

Tom N.


I wish I could have recorded the call I had on 185 Oakwood Lane last night.

The buyer spoke about this listing that he has only seen on the Internet. The conversation covered the beautiful setting by Bear Creek, beautiful home (he has lived in New England and Georgia and was a bit home sick for the traditional homes in that area. Then he commented about the almost mystical experience of flying through the trees and up the mountains. 

He said he just could not stop thinking about this home. Good job it was the great shots of the water going over the rocks in the creek, the great shots of the yard and the rear of the home. You nailed the spirit of this place that called to those who are interested in a great home beautiful setting.

You delivered a story not just nice pictures.

Soaring Eagle Eyes rocks. 
Peg P.

I love it! The clarity is amazing and I can even see myself in the video staring at the drone. Can you Photoshop a bit more hair onto my head? J  What a gorgeous day and you captured it wonderfully.

Chris S.

"We saw the footage Paul and Lewis took while they were here at Camp Krem filming for one of our rental groups and were very impressed by the quality of the video! I contacted them asking if we might be able to use some of the footage and they went above and beyond for us, making a video specifically for Camp Krem. We love it!
Warm regards,